Landscape Plan and front elevation of proposed development in Cork City

Landscape Plans for Planning Permission

Many local authorities and county councils require separate landscape plans as part of a planning application submission or they might send a further information request as part of the planning application process. We can help you with your submission and prepare these documents for you. Typically we prepare a set that consists of a landscape plan, a planting plan with specifications and quantities and a maintenance programme.

It is quite common for local authorities to impose certain planning conditions on sites such as landscape screening and the use of native trees or hedging. As a professional landscape architecture and garden design practice we can assist you in successfully submitting such landscape plans and associated details to you local authority in a cost effective manner.

In order for us to prepare a landscape plan for planning permission we would ask you to send us some information via email as follows;

  • A copy of any relevant correspondence from the county council regarding your landscape plan (Further Information Request)
  • A digital drawing of your site (from your architect) showing the existing and proposed site layout, proposed building position/outline along with the site boundaries and all proposed and existing site services and infrastructure.
  • Photographs of the site including the existing boundaries and some views of the surrounding landscape.

The finished landscape plan can be sent to you by post or email as you require. A site visit can be arranged if required.

Once you have achieved your planning permission we also offer a full Landscape Design or Garden Design service with bespoke Planting Plans and can assist on selecting a suitable landscape contractor.

Proposed Planting Plan as requested by Cork City Council

Tree Removal Plan as part of a Further Information Request by Cork City Council

Landscape Plan for Planning Permission for a Private Residence in Co Kildare

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We also work closely with Irish nurseries and can offer great packages when it comes to trees and plants.

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